Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking

Heroes and Villains

I just heard about an exhibit that the Fashion Institute of Technology is putting on right now called “Heroes and Villains.” Too bad it is over in New York, or I would definitely go check it out. The pictures seem to be designers recreating super-costumes pretty faithfully, but what I would really like to see is riffs that keep the theme alive but take the designs in new directions.

Back in 2009, (it is hard to believe it was that long ago now…) after the Battle for the Cowl, there was a contest where fans submitted redesigned Batman costumes for Dick’s ascension, and I absolutely loved the winning entry.

Anjin Anhut's Batman

Not so much for Dick, just because it seems to stray a little far from the classic Batman design, but for fans and me personally, since it seems like a much more practical and realistic design a vigilante could use, especially one just starting out. If you follow through to the link, you will also see an Avatar-esque glider with a bat-shaped silhouette that goes with the costume.


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