Routine Medical Exam

Doctor Batman

On Friday, I had my first physical exam in a long, long time. I think my last one was over 10 years ago, when I was still in high school and covered by my parents’ health plan.

In college, I was forced to buy the school’s health insurance, and I never used it for preventative care, only for emergencies. (Looking back, that was pretty stupid of me. I should have milked that expensive insurance for everything I could have gotten out of it…) After college, I worked jobs that never offered health insurance until now.

So I went in for a check-up, and it was not very promising. First, my doctor was about half an hour late to the appointment. As he came in, he apologized and explained that there was some excitement in the clinic today because his last patient seemed to have brought the flu with him from China. Then the doctor asked me some routine questions about my background, prescribed an adult TDAP booster shot that was several years overdue, and ordered a battery of over 10 blood tests for me. All in all, I think we had maybe 10 minutes of interaction.

I guess I have not missed much.


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