(New) Cycle Four

Muscle Beach

It has been four weeks since my last progress update, so here’s some fresh numbers for you guys.

New Third Cycle

  • Bench Press: 165 lbs x 4 reps (180 lbs 1RM)
  • Deadlift: 275 lbs x 1 rep (275 lbs 1RM)
  • Overhead Press: 115 lbs x 2 reps (118 lbs 1RM)
  • Squat: 190 lbs x 4 reps (207 lbs 1RM)

New Fourth Cycle

  • Bench Press: 165 lbs x 5 rep (186 lbs 1RM, +3.3%)
  • Deadlift: 235 lbs x 12 reps (338 lbs 1RM, +22.9%)
  • Overhead Press: 115 lbs x 3 reps (122 lbs 1RM, +3.4%)
  • Squat: 190 lbs x 9 reps (240 lbs 1RM, +15.9%)

My deadlift and overhead press numbers are moving in the right direction again after a temporary setback last cycle. I checked my numbers against my bodyweight and found that I am relatively high for my leg lifts and low for my arm lifts, which is the opposite of my workout buddies and the general trend of weightlifting. (Not to mention the above picture of Batman…) What is the term for the opposite of a gorilla?

And here are the body measurements:

New Third Cycle

  • 185.5 lbs (Actual)
  • 188.0 lbs (Trend)
  • 23.2% BF
  • 14 3/4″ Arms
  • 38 1/2″ Waist
  • 40 3/8″ Hips
  • 23 3/4″ Legs

New Fourth Cycle

  • 187.9 lbs (Actual, +1.3%)
  • 184.0 lbs (Trend, -2.1%)
  • 21.7% BF (-6.5%)
  • 14 1/2″ Arms (-1.7%)
  • 40 3/8″ Waist (+5.6%)
  • 40 3/4″ Hips (+0.9%)
  • 23 1/4″ Legs (-2.1%)

I forgot to check my bodyfat percantage, but I will do that tonight and update the post. My dieting has been going surprisingly well once I figured out how to make it work within the confines of my temporary vegetarianism. Unfortunately, the end of my vegetarianism (and the end of my tee-totaling) coincided with my birthday, so there were some excesses. That is why my trend weight is down while my actual weight is up. Also, I am confused about why my arms and legs seem to be shrinking while my torso is expanding. I am hoping that it is again a sign of my diet being mostly successful, and I am losing fat from my extremities first, and that the gut is temporarily expanded from my binging. The bodyfat percentage numbers seem to support this theory.

Overall, I am very happy with my progression on the weightlifting. I always seem to flutter between wanting to lift heavier and lose fat, but default to lifting heavier just because that side of things is easier to quantify and track. I know it is possible to do both at the same time, but trying to do so means slower progress in both. I am thinking about switching to focusing more on cutting, so I can finally get down to my goal bodyfat percentage and then more easily manage bulking and cutting cycles. For the immediate future, my goal is get down to 160 lbs, or 10% bodyfat, by the end of the year. That’s a little over 10%, which is a lot, so help me stay on track, be sure to give me a lashing if you see me cheat myself.

Once again, here is the money shot. WARNING: Links to semi-clothed pictures to follow!

Me before and me after.


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