The Batman Game

Big Basin Start

On Sunday, I met up with some Fitocracy folks for the first time to go on a hike at Big Basin State Park in Santa Cruz. As you can see, we had a superhero theme!

I was a bit concerned. (Some of the other Fitocrats from this group mentioned that their friends and family are often concerned for them when they mention they are going to meet some internet friends in the woods, but that was not an issue for me.) It has been a while since I have done an extended hike, and I was mostly worried about making it through OK. Especially since the organizer had not personally done the hike before, he had only looked it up on a website. (And the website warns that it is a difficult hike with a lot of elevation change.) Also, I am generally weaker/less fit than the average Fitocrat. And there’s my allergies and just weak lungs to consider.

So I was not too happy to see this warning sign as we set out:

Big Basin Warning

Seeing as the other Fitocrats were unfazed, and unwilling to give up when I saw children and elderly on the same trail, and I decided to tough it out. I am glad I did, because even though it was a challenging hike for me, the scenery was great. There were multiple waterfalls, and here is the biggest one:

Big Basin Falls

The company was also a lot of fun, and definitely a group I would want to hang out with again.

By the way, you may have noticed my poses in the “start” and “falls” pictures. In high school and college, I would play “the Batman game” with my friends. If you can make eye contact with someone while you hold the Batman pose with your hands on your face, you get to punch them. However, you can negate it by blocking with the Penguin pose of a monocle. Do not ask me the reasoning behind it – I am fairly certainly my friends just wanted an excuse to hit each other, and the nerdy aspect was just to get more people to play. Feel free to test your skills against me next time we see each other in person!


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