“Batman To Be” in 2014

Welcome visitors, new and returning!

There’s nothing quite like the start of a new year to give you some fresh enthusiasm, and with that in mind, I am going to attempt the Zero to Hero Blogger challenge. There will be 30 different assignments for me, and this post tackles the first:


My name is Dinh and I am a geek. I grew up on comic books and video games, which makes for a pretty sedentary and unfit lifestyle. With my 30th birthday approaching (and now passed), I thought to myself that rather than just idolizing Batman, my favorite superhero, I should emulate him. I wanted to be able to know what to do in any given situation and have the physical ability to carry out those actions. I wanted to make Batman real!

With that in mind, I started this blog mostly to track my progress towards becoming Batman, in terms of physical training, learning new skills, and getting new tools. I made a list of goals in each category that I wanted to accomplish. Unfortunately, not being a billionaire genius has really put a damper on my progress and it was hard to blog about a lack of change.

Moving forward, I want to write about more than just me, I want to share my love of Batman and hopefully convince you that he can be and is to be emulated. I will post at least twice a week about my life, Batman, and the intersections of the two. To consider myself a successful blogger in 2014, I will stick to my posting schedule, teach you something cool about me and/or Batman, and learn something new from you. I will not get caught up in progress, especially since I will be slow to gain any physical improvement while trying to rehab my knee properly.

Here’s to many happy returns!


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