Escape from the Magic Show

Looks like my “Upcoming Events” list needs some serious updating, so I am going to try to cover some events I missed in the last half of 2013. I’ve also added events as a reminder to myself to write about them, so look forward to me knocking more items off the list!

Escape from the Magic Show

Back in June, my friends and I attended Real Escape Game v.5 – Escape from the Magic Show! Like the other standard-format Real Escape Games, you form teams of six and are stationed at a table, solving puzzles to escape before the time limit.

This time, the theme was a magic show, and the premise is that we are attending the first performance of a somewhat incompetent magician who trained under a master. The illusions kept working, but not in the way the magician intended. For the grand finale, he accidentally handcuffs the audience to a magical exploding briefcase!

The game itself was more interesting than usual because the teams were actually handcuffed together in a circle around our tables. After solving some of the puzzles, we were able to unlock some of the bonds so that some members could go around the room to find more clues. Also, the game-runners hired an actual magician to do tricks at timed intervals, and those tricks were clues to help us!

I try not to spoil the puzzles themselves in these write-ups, just in case you decide to go try them at a later date. (Real Escape Game just started in LA and Seattle!) Plus it has been so long I do not remember a lot of the details. But I will tell you one thing…


We finally won and truly escaped!


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