Just a Little More

You may have noticed that with my update to the Upcoming Events calendar, the GoRuck Challenge is now unscheduled.

I feel really bad about this because I originally bought my GR1 back in March 2012 and signed up for the GRC in June 2012. This was about the time I was first starting to increase my fitness (I started the blog in July 2012 after a few months of training to keep a better log), and I was blindingly optimistic about my projected progress.

June 2012 rolled around and I told myself I was not quite ready yet, and pushed back my GRC event to November 2012. Around the end of September, I convinced my friend Joe to sign up for the GRC with me. (I got him to give me his credit card while he was drunk at his birthday party.) He did not think he would be ready in time for the November 2012 one, so I pushed back to March 2013.

As the March 2013 event approached, neither of us felt ready, so we pushed again to the October 2013 event. It did not help that I had stopped working on cardio training to focus more on weightlifting at the beginning of the year. I believe this is where things stood when I took my blogging hiatus.

Some time in Q3 2013, the line-up of new GoRuck events came out, and Joe and I decided to reschedule again to the July 4th, 2014, event so that we could see fireworks as we were doing the challenge. I had already hurt my knee at that point, but I did not know how serious it was yet.

Now, I am afraid I will have to push my event back yet again because of my knee rehab schedule. I really should have just gone for it back in June 2012, but I got sucked into the cycle of “just a little more training” to make sure I would get through it.


Fear of failure ended up guaranteeing failure for me.


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