Infinite Coastline

Time for my next Zero to Hero Blogger post! Today’s challenge:


Hey Batman, whatcha thinking about?

When I first started this blog, I definitely was focused on capturing my progress as I morphed into a superhuman athlete. I wanted to be able to show my readers amazing before and after pictures and wow you with my newly accomplished feats of strength. As my previous post shows you in a nutshell, reality has not been kind to my expectations. My injury was the final straw that got me to stop blogging entirely about this project.

The promise of a new year and more specifically my surgical recovery, I started blogging again, and this challenge has been a great way to jump back into things. Looking back, I realized my problem was one of scale. I wanted to do too much too quickly – to go from sedentary to hiking eight hours with a 30 pound ruck is difficult, but putting myself on a three-month timetable basically makes it impossible. Same goes for going from not working out to lifting like Batman or moving from an obese BMI to a normal one.


The impossible may take longer, but I will get there. I just can’t judge myself on all or nothing. I need appropriately to scale my expectations and take more pride in smaller wins. The journey of a thousand miles and all that. It is actually a reverse of the infinite coastline paradox, where (theoretical) cartographers run into trouble as their maps get more detailed because by using smaller and smaller units of length to show a coastline in more and more detail, they approach infinite length (and work). For me, I need to keep using smaller and smaller units because at larger units, my progress seems to be flatlining.


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