1000 Treasure Hunters

Hollywood Treasure

Fresh from our victory at Escape from the Magic Show, my friends and I were eager to win again and assure ourselves that it was not just a fluke, so we made sure we attended the next Real Escape Game event – 1000 Treasure Hunters.

1000 Treasure Hunters

This game was not in the usual Real Escape Game format. Instead, it was similar to the Escape from an Angel game that they held during the previous J-POP Festival. We were again running around Japantown looking for clues instead of sitting around a table.

This time, though, there were no limits on team sizes and no time limit, either. (Well, it was a two-day festival, but you did have to finish on the same day you started, so it was to your advantage to get there early in the day.) They had 1,000 entry packets with the materials you needed to get started, so there were 1,000 players running around at the same time, much more than at their other events. If you finished, you got a dog tag as well as entry into a raffle to win some cool Real Escape Game gear, like the treasure chest from their Mysterious Room game!

Treasure Chest

Well, we did manage to finish the game (and learned some new factoids about Japantown), but sadly we did not win anything from the raffle.


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