Enemy Action

James Bond/Batman

Ian Fleming wrote,

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

So we were eager to tackle the next Real Escape Game and prove that our two-game winning streak was not just a coincidence. Sadly, Rachel could not make it to this one, and our streak had started when she joined the team. Regardless, we pushed on without her to REG v.6 – Escape from the Bank!

Escape from the Bank

This one was back to the regular Real Escape game format – teams of six around a table solving puzzles mostly in place, but also with some exploration about the room and as you can guess, the theme this time was a bank. The story is that we are a team of thieves trying to steal a secret document from a safety deposit box inside the bank vault. There was even a room to the side of the hall marked up like a vault that we had to get into!

Our team was able to figure out the route to the vault that bypasses all of the security teams. However, for some reason, we could not figure out the escape route, and ended up failing the game. The final puzzle was one where we had to eliminate extraneous letters from an encoded message to find the hidden one, but some combination of poor communication, misunderstanding the clues, and just pure frustration got in the way of our success. We were so bothered by the game that we left without taking a losers picture, which we always did in the past.

Hopefully we will do better at the next one. And I am going to do my best to rope Rachel back in, since she seems to be our key to victory.


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