Less Tragic Origin Story

This popped up on my feed the other day:

“Tommy Wayne likes it toasty!”

Interesting take on the Batman origin, for sure. I think it really shows how Batman was created back in the 1930s, when transportation, communication, privacy, and pop culture were radically different from today’s standards. Could a Batman origin story happen today?

Well, if the Waynes had left the movie/opera early, they could just call Alfred with their cell phones to pick them up. Do not want to wait for Alfred to drive out from Wayne Manor? Well, they could always use Uber or some other ride service. Walking through an alley of any sort would be unnecessary.

Even if they did take a stroll through Crime Alley, though, it is hard to imagine that the Waynes would have a security escort. They were pretty far removed from the seedy aspects of Gotham life, and I doubt the Waynes felt enough of a threat for a full-time security presence. Other than Alfred, anyway, who did serve in the military.

And finally, while the Waynes were famous for their social status and philanthropic efforts, pop culture media back then did not compare to today. There were no paparazzi or crazed/obsessive fans like there are today, so if such a tragedy did take place, there is no chance in hell Bruce could drop off the face of the Earth for 10 years and train without anyone finding out.


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