Less Tragic Origin Story

This popped up on my feed the other day:

“Tommy Wayne likes it toasty!”

Interesting take on the Batman origin, for sure. I think it really shows how Batman was created back in the 1930s, when transportation, communication, privacy, and pop culture were radically different from today’s standards. Could a Batman origin story happen today?

Well, if the Waynes had left the movie/opera early, they could just call Alfred with their cell phones to pick them up. Do not want to wait for Alfred to drive out from Wayne Manor? Well, they could always use Uber or some other ride service. Walking through an alley of any sort would be unnecessary.

Even if they did take a stroll through Crime Alley, though, it is hard to imagine that the Waynes would have a security escort. They were pretty far removed from the seedy aspects of Gotham life, and I doubt the Waynes felt enough of a threat for a full-time security presence. Other than Alfred, anyway, who did serve in the military.

And finally, while the Waynes were famous for their social status and philanthropic efforts, pop culture media back then did not compare to today. There were no paparazzi or crazed/obsessive fans like there are today, so if such a tragedy did take place, there is no chance in hell Bruce could drop off the face of the Earth for 10 years and train without anyone finding out.


This Is Not How Batman Dies

LEGO Batman

I saw The LEGO Movie over the weekend with some friends, and it was awesome!

(Expect this song to stuck in your head for days after seeing the movie.)

I had been excited to see it since I saw the first trailer. I grew up playing with LEGOs all the time, and it certainly did not hurt that the Batman minifig was featured in the trailer.

The movie itself was great. Fairly standard hero journey plot, very similar to The Matrix actually, but with tons of pop culture references and humor mixed in, just like the LEGO video games. I was a concerned that Will Arnett was the voice actor for Batman instead of Kevin Conroy, but it worked perfectly, because the Batman of the LEGO Movie was along the lines of Frank Miller’s Absolute Batman – a bit absurd and dickish. Arnett nailed it!

My friends kept joking that this was the best Batman movie, but I have to say, they are partly right. The LEGO basis allows him to be much more light-hearted and campy, and the interactions with the other members of LEGO Justice League were on point. I would not be surprised at all if I enjoyed this more than the upcoming Man of Steel 2/Batman-Superman movie. LEGO needs more feature films!

Sad Batman

I have never really liked those family stickers people put on their back windshields. I suppose I am a single guy, so I am not really the target demographic for these things, but I feel like it always makes cars seem so busy, and my aesthetic sense leans more towards the clean de-badged look. However, the geeky riffs on these have gotten a good chuckle out of me, and the new Batman-themed one takes the cake!

Batman Car Decal

Comms Check

Here are a couple of superhero-themed blogs my friends linked me to recently:

Texts From Superheroes has text message conversations between comic book characters.

Texts from Superheroes

Some of them take too long to set up without delivering a great deal, but there are some gems hidden in the rough. Also, I do like that it seems to have more DC-centric conversations than Marvel ones, as most fan sites I come across tend to lean the other way.

Then there’s “Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You.” The artist posts fan-art based on little girls cosplaying.

Better Supes

I talk about feminism with a couple of friends and with my sister, particularly its intersection with gaming and comic books subcultures since those are traditionally seen as sexist. I think this artist might be reading too much into the source photos, but it is an interesting “from the mouths of babes” approach.

Permission to Die

Warning, this post spoils the end of The Dark Knight Rises. If you have not seen it, do not read on.

One of the things that bothered me about The Dark Knight Rises is that Catwoman kills Bane while he is fighting with Batman. Catwoman has had a dark past, and in most of her origins, she has no problem with killing, but Batman is different. Not only does he not kill, he does not allow others around him to die. He has shown this many times in the comics, both directly through his actions when fighting the bad guys and in words when training the Robins.

I took issue when Batman let Ra’s al Ghul die at the end of Batman Begins, and it stuck me again here. The Batman I admire would have stopped Catwoman from firing and disabled Bane, but kept him alive.

I understand that a dead Bane makes it easier to put a ribbon on things as you finish up the movie series, but I would have liked to see it go down differently. In the comics, Bane survives and eventually finds redemption by helping the Bat Family and serving the government.

Just imagine if Bane had been rehabilitated and went straight.

Little League

If you have not read Yale Stewart’s “Little League”/JL8 series, you need to do so immediately! It is a ridiculously hilarious and insufferably cute webcomic about the Justice League as little kids! (But do not call them that.)

Incredibly Lame Pun

Back in the Golden Age, Batman and Robin sure did love a good joke while punching around the villain of the week. Puns were generally more in vogue back then, so you did see a good number of them. But of the many, many jokes I have seen regarding Batman, I think this takes the cake for best (or worst) pun yet.

And here is the sequel.

What is the worst bat-pun you have ever heard?