Infinite Coastline

Time for my next Zero to Hero Blogger post! Today’s challenge:


Hey Batman, whatcha thinking about?

When I first started this blog, I definitely was focused on capturing my progress as I morphed into a superhuman athlete. I wanted to be able to show my readers amazing before and after pictures and wow you with my newly accomplished feats of strength. As my previous post shows you in a nutshell, reality has not been kind to my expectations. My injury was the final straw that got me to stop blogging entirely about this project.

The promise of a new year and more specifically my surgical recovery, I started blogging again, and this challenge has been a great way to jump back into things. Looking back, I realized my problem was one of scale. I wanted to do too much too quickly – to go from sedentary to hiking eight hours with a 30 pound ruck is difficult, but putting myself on a three-month timetable basically makes it impossible. Same goes for going from not working out to lifting like Batman or moving from an obese BMI to a normal one.


The impossible may take longer, but I will get there. I just can’t judge myself on all or nothing. I need appropriately to scale my expectations and take more pride in smaller wins. The journey of a thousand miles and all that. It is actually a reverse of the infinite coastline paradox, where (theoretical) cartographers run into trouble as their maps get more detailed because by using smaller and smaller units of length to show a coastline in more and more detail, they approach infinite length (and work). For me, I need to keep using smaller and smaller units because at larger units, my progress seems to be flatlining.


What’s My Name Again?

Time for my next Zero to Hero Blogger post! Today’s challenge:


What's Your Name? I'm the Batman

If you have been visiting regularly over the past few days, you may have notice some tweaks I have been performing on the page layout. I brought back the site title and tagline to the top of the page, moved my main graphic to the background, and added a tiny author blurb to the sidebar.

You may also notice that I have started using my real name on the blog as well as posting pictures of my face. (I previously edited all pictures to put a Batman mask over my face.) My hope is that these changes make the blog more relatable and more interesting to my readers. Let me know what you think!

“Batman To Be” in 2014

Welcome visitors, new and returning!

There’s nothing quite like the start of a new year to give you some fresh enthusiasm, and with that in mind, I am going to attempt the Zero to Hero Blogger challenge. There will be 30 different assignments for me, and this post tackles the first:


My name is Dinh and I am a geek. I grew up on comic books and video games, which makes for a pretty sedentary and unfit lifestyle. With my 30th birthday approaching (and now passed), I thought to myself that rather than just idolizing Batman, my favorite superhero, I should emulate him. I wanted to be able to know what to do in any given situation and have the physical ability to carry out those actions. I wanted to make Batman real!

With that in mind, I started this blog mostly to track my progress towards becoming Batman, in terms of physical training, learning new skills, and getting new tools. I made a list of goals in each category that I wanted to accomplish. Unfortunately, not being a billionaire genius has really put a damper on my progress and it was hard to blog about a lack of change.

Moving forward, I want to write about more than just me, I want to share my love of Batman and hopefully convince you that he can be and is to be emulated. I will post at least twice a week about my life, Batman, and the intersections of the two. To consider myself a successful blogger in 2014, I will stick to my posting schedule, teach you something cool about me and/or Batman, and learn something new from you. I will not get caught up in progress, especially since I will be slow to gain any physical improvement while trying to rehab my knee properly.

Here’s to many happy returns!

Housekeeping (April 2013)

It has been half a year since my last housekeeping post. Here is a look at what has happened this last month.

There were no changes to the site itself, other than its revival from the great digital beyond.

Site Statistics:

  • I published 14 posts. (+133%)
  • In response, I got five comments, and I replied to all five. (-29%)
  • I also got my first external pingback from someone who agrees with my views on violent video games.
  • 37 people are now following this blog. (+28%)
  • Love Triangle has displaced Oppa Gotham Style as my most popular post with 74 113 views. (-35%)
  • The blog has had about 909 views. (-31%)
  • The large majority of those views is again through Google Search.
  • People have found me while searching for:
    • batman & wonder woman love / batman and wonder woman / batman and wonder woman kiss / batman and wonder woman making love / batman wonder kissing woman romance / batman wonder woman kiss / batman wonder woman kissing / batman wonderwoman kiss / pictures of batman and wonder woman together / wonder woman and batman kiss / wonder woman batman / wonder woman kisses batman / wonder woman kissing batman – check Love Triangle
    • gotham style lyrics / gotham style song / gotham style video / gotmen stiol song / oppa batman style lyrics – check Oppa Gotham Style
    • batman motorcycle helmet ears / batman motorcycle patches / cat ear helmet / helmet batman / how to make a batman cardboard motorcycle / large batman motorcycle patch / superman motorcycle helmet – not sure about the Superman helmet, but try The Hard Way
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    • dc universe heroes peak human conditition batman / olympic athletes peak human condition / peak human condition – check Peak Human Condition
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    • iron man knight armor / the iron dark night – check Knight in Shining Armor
    • little league justice league – check Little League
    • wonder woman / wonder woman finds out about batman – I am not sure what Wonder Woman is finding out, but the only post I have about her is Love Triangle
    • badass batman pics – I am biased, but try any post
    • batman clock / casio glow in the dark watch – check Punch Clock Hero
    • batman pun jokes / lame batman jokes – check Incredibly Lame Pun
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    • – it is odd that you are searching when you know my URL, but check Bullet Time
    • batsuit – I think you are looking for either this or this.
    • becoming batman blog / my journey as batman – try any post
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    • how would batman squat – I am pretty sure he squats like anyone else
    • i will find – I cannot help you unless you finish your sentence
    • spetsnaz batman / vladimir putin spetsnaz – check Voice of the Resistance
    • superman facebook cover – I think you are at the wrong blog
    • batman bench press picture – I could have sworn I have used a picture of this from the comics, but I cannot find it anywhere. You will have to settle for this for now.
    • batman deduction – try any of these
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    • scary batman – tough call, but try Mission Creep
    • subaru impreza batman emblem – I want one!
    • superman changing – check Dressed in Layers
    • the riddler logo – check Riddle Me This
    • تقبيل باتمان – Google Translate tells me this means “Kissing Batman,” so check Love Triangle

Some other random thoughts:

  • A post a day is getting tough, I will keep it up as long as I can, but might need to reduce to posting on weekdays only.
  • Thanks to those of you who do leave comments, you are motivating me to keep writing.
  • I need ideas for Batman-related training to do. Preferably something I can knock out in a weekend. Any suggestions?

That is it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone! If there is anything you would like me to cover in a future post, please let me know.

Greetings and Salutations

Zombie Batman

It has been exactly three months since my last post – a whole quarter of the year gone by.

Once again, I have to apologize for the lack of updates. I want to blame my dearth of content on life – recently, my goals have just been slipping away from me. My strength training program has stalled again, I have not been making the time for mental training, I have failed some tests and had to push back some other tests. These setbacks have been disheartening and made me less inclined to share with you.

But to be perfectly honest, I have had a long history of posting droughts. I suppose like Batman, I tend to fall on the withholding side of the sharing spectrum. Or maybe it is because of my intensely introspective nature. That makes me cool, right? I suppose anything would be cooler than admitting that I have been lazy.

However, I have been giving my friend feedback on his new WordPress blog (check it out if you are into cars) over the last couple of days, and he has rekindled my desire to post. Time to see how long I can keep my fingers shambling along!

2012 In Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Calendar Refresh

I made a couple of changes to my event calendar:

  • I got my friend Joe to join me for a GoRuck Challenge, but we had to reschedule for the March 9 event at 1 a.m.
  • The next Real Escape Game was announced, and I have signed up for the 5:30 p.m. shift on January 26.

If you are in the San Francisco area, you should join me for either one! Also, this is extremely last minute, but I will be attending “MacGyver Night” tonight at 6 p.m. Looking forward to making some exploding paperclips!